Remove Vance And Huffman Llc From Your Credit Report

Remove Vance And Huffman LLC From Your Credit Report

Vance and Huffman LLC is a debt collector who collects for various money lending companies, also known as creditors. When you cannot clear your debt to the original lender, they hire debt collectors to get you paid the taken amount. Sometimes they might also sell the account to the agency. This article will make you aware of Vance and Huffman in detail.

Who Is Vance And Huffman, LLC?

Who Is Vance And Huffman, Llc?
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Vance and Huffman, LLC specializes in collecting a debt. This agency is situated in Smithfield, Virginia. When you do not pay off your debt to the original lender, they might hire Vance and Huffman, LLC to collect the unpaid amount, and it will be displayed as a collection account.

How To Remove Vance And Huffman From Your Credit Report?

Vence and Huffman can appear as a collection account that might damage your score when remaining on your report. This is because it stays for seven years irrespective of paying the amount to the lender or the collector. Besides, it is also to remember that even if you clear off the debt, it can lower your score.

However, you can choose to remove the collection account from your credit report even before seven years. You can hire a professional repair company to help you fix your credit professionally. Furthermore, they can also remove other details such as late payments, foreclosures, judgments, charge-offs, inquiries, and bankruptcies from your report. You can only remove Vance and Huffman from your credit report if it is a cause of fraudulent activity, incorrect, or an error. However, it cannot be fixed at an appropriate time.

Contact Information of Vance And Huffman. LLC:

Contact Information Of Vance And Huffman. Llc:
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The address of Vance And Huffman, LLC is Vance & Huffman, LLC, 55 Monette Pkwy, Ste 100, Smithfield, VA 23430-2577.


Their phone number is (855) 206-6697.

Should You Contact Or Pay Vance And Huffman, LLC?

Nothing can be done by speaking to the agency over the phone. It will rather make your credit report worse. You have time when you can resolve the account by paying it off. It happens only when it is new, and you are sure that the account is legit.

You can do it by hiring a credit repair company. The credit repair companies delete various negative markings from the credit report, like Vance and Huffman.

Where Can I Find Vance And Huffman Login?

You can choose to log in to Vance and Huffman, LLC. However, it is ideal to call a Credit Repair Company to remove the collection account professionally. A credit repair company will view your report and decide how they will dispute and remove it from the report.

Is Vance And Huffman A Scam?

Vance and Huffman, LLC is not a scam. However, they might spam calls and try to harass you. You can deal with it by sending them dispute letters within 30 days and removing unvalidated debts from your credit report. 

Why Do Vance And Huffman Keep Calling Me?

Vance and Huffman, LLC can keep you calling because they are trying to collect your debt. However, you can ignore their calls and hire professionals to get them removed from your report to prevent further damages.

Will Vance And Huffman, LLC Sue You Or Garnish Your Wages?

Will Vance And Huffman, Llc Sue You Or Garnish Your Wages?
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It is possible that Vance and Huffman, LLC can sue you and garnish your wages. However, the situation can be avoided if you hire a credit repair company to dispute the account, remove the negative account from your report and help you improve your scores.

Some states in the United States allow wage garnishments, while other states do not allow them to do so. If you stay in a state where it is illegal to garnish wages, the debt collectors cannot threaten to garnish your wages. Furthermore, Vance and Huffman cannot threaten to sue you or foreclosure your home.

Rights To Know While Dealing With Vance And Huffman. LLC

Rights To Know While Dealing
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Listed are the things to know while dealing with Vance and Huffman, LLC:

  • Vance and Huffman, LLC cannot report incomplete or incorrect details on your credit report as it is considered a violation of federal law.
  • The consumers are given the right to ask for a validation of the debt alleged. You can ask for validation by sending them a debt validation letter. They have a month to prove to you if the debt is yours and the amount on the details is accurate.
  • Vance and Huffman, LLC cannot harass, swear, publish the list of debtors or swear at you.
  • The debt collection agency must provide you in written form and orally about who they are and what they are trying to do.
  • They cannot threaten to have you arrested or take any legal action if they do not intend to do so.

Additional Tips To Deal With Vance And Huffman, LLC

Additional Tips To Deal
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Listed are the tips to deal with Vance and Huffman, LLC:

Avoid Talking Over The Phone:

It is not recommended to talk to the debt collectors over the phone. Instead, you can politely ask them to send everything in written form to deal with it. Hang up after requesting a letter with the original debt details. You send them a cease and desist letter even if they call you.

Record Their Phone Calls:

You can record the calls on the phone while discussing the matter with the debt collection agency. In the United States, thirty-five states are permitted to record phone calls without the other party’s permission. However, the other fifteen states must ask the other party to allow them to record. When you ask debt collectors, they generally hand up the call.

Do Not Believe What They Say:

It is believed that debt collectors make false threats or lie and tell you anything that can make you clear up your debt.

Do Not Try To Hide Money:

When you owe the debt, hiding money is illegal. But remember not to share access to your bank or credit card details.

Do Not Apply For New Lines Of Credit:

If you cannot pay your recent lenders the debt you owe, opening new lines of credit is considered fraudulent activity.

Do Not Ignore Them:

You can settle everything on your terms, but if you ignore Vance and Huffman, LLC, the situation will not disappear. 

Know Your State’s Statute of Limitations:

Every state has a debt statute of limitations. After your debt extends a specific limit, it is called “zombie debt,” and you are not required to clear the debt. It generally differs from state to state and is around 4-6 years. Even after the exceeded limit, the debt collectors try to contact you. However, you can ignore them since they cannot sue you, and you are not legally obliged to pay them.

H2: Conclusion

Vance and Huffman is a legit debt collection agency, and if it appears on your credit report, it can significantly damage your score. Therefore, hiring a professional to deal with the agency to remove your negative markings is always recommended. Now that you know your rights, you can protect yourself from them.

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