Superlative Rm: Things You Need To Know

Superlative RM: Things You Need To Know

Superlative RM provides a full-service debt collection service. In addition, it provides various third-party services. It includes post-charge-off recoveries, pre-charge-off recovery, skip-to-collect services, pre, and post-charge-off letter campaigns, debt acquisitions, customer care, and a network of attorneys.

It claims that it has a “robust compliance program” along with vast technological infrastructure. In this article, we will discuss what the consumers can do if a Superlative RM appears on their credit report, what are their rights, and what the debt collection agency can and cannot do. Therefore, you can carefully go through the article to learn more about your rights and Superlative RM.

Who Is Superlative RM?

Who Is Superlative Rm?
Superlative Rm: Things You Need To Know 7

Superlative Receivables Management, also known as Superlative RM Comstock Holdings, is a debt collection company. It is situated in Elk Grove, California. It specializes in the following types of accounts:

  • Credit Card
  • Retail Card
  • Commercial
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Fintech

Superlative RM assists its clients or the original lenders by contacting the customers on their behalf to resolve balances. They are licensed debt collection agencies that act by following all state and federal guidelines. You might see Superlative RM marked on your report as a collection account. However, it might occur only when you have missed payments against your account. Then, the original lender hires Superlative RM or sells your account to them to collect the balance from you.

How To Remove Superlative RM From Credit Report?

It is a collection account that remains on the report for seven years, even if you pay it or not. However, even if you pay it to the collection agency, it can lower your credit score. But you can remove it from your report even before it reaches seven years. To be able to remove the negative markings, you must hire a professional like a renowned credit repair company to fix your credit report. A credit repair company can remove collection accounts and other negative markings such as late payments, inquiries, foreclosures, judgments, bankruptcies, charge-offs, etc.

Their Contact Information

Their Contact Information
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9355 E Stockton Blvd Ste 210

Elk Grove, CA 95624

Phone number: (888) 558-0692

Should You Contact Or Pay Superlative RM?

Before paying the debt to the collection agency, it is important to examine if the debt you owe is legit. When the collection account is new and legit, you can pay the debt and get the account closed. However, professionals like credit repair companies can handle your collection account and remove your negative items, ultimately improving your credit score.

Will Superlative RM Sue You Or Garnish Your Wages?

Will Superlative Rm Sue You Or Garnish Your Wages?
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Any debt collection agency like Superlative RM cannot sue or garnish your wages because it is illegal. Besides, it is also unlikely to garnish wages or sue consumers for the debt they cannot provide any validation. Unfortunately, debt agencies are known to summon the borrowers to the court and garnish their wages after a default judgment. However, contacting an attorney before they can take you to court can be considered a smart move.

How does Superlative RM Affect Your Credit?

Missing a payment for several months can cause your score to drop. And having a collection account on the report will decrease the chance of qualifying for additional credit. Generally, debt collection agencies buy and sell debt from the original lender. Therefore, you might have several collections appearing on your credit report for the same account. You will have your credit score harmed if you do not choose to dispute the collection accounts with the credit bureaus and remove them.

Rights To Know While Dealing With Them

Rights To Know While Dealing With Them
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Following are the rights to know when dealing with Superlative RM:

  • Superlative RM cannot violate the federal law of reporting an inaccurate or incomplete item on your credit report.
  • You can request debt validation on the debt Superlative RM is trying to collect. You can request them by sending them a letter for debt validation, and they have only 30 days to prove if the debt is yours and the information is accurate.
  • Superlative RM cannot swear at you, threaten or harass you.
  • They must show their true identity and what they are trying to collect. Besides, they must notify their proof of being a collection agency both written and orally.
  • They cannot threaten to have you arrested or take any legal action if they do not intend to do so.

Additional Tips To Deal

Additional Tips To Deal
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Additional Tips To deal with Superlative RM:

  • Avoid Them On The Phone: It is not recommended to deal with the collection agencies over the phone. It is good when they know you less.
  • Record Their Phone Calls: If you wish to deal with Superlative RM over the phone, it is recommended to record them. In the United States, thirty-five states are permitted to record phone calls secretly, while the other fifteen states require the permission of the other party in order to record. Furthermore, they might hang up the call when you request to record the call to the collection agencies.
  • Do Not Believe Anything They Say: A debt collection agency may lie, make a false threat, and do anything that can make you pay their debt.
  • Do Not Attempt To Hide Money: It is recommended not to hide money from a debt collector if the debt is legit. However, you should not share access to your credit card or bank account with the collectors.
  • Do Not Apply For New Lines Of Credit: If you cannot pay the already owned debt to the lenders, it is illegal to open new lines of credit.
  • Do Not Ignore the Collectors: You can handle the debt on your terms, but ignoring the situation completely would not make them disappear. Instead, it will set for a lawsuit.
  • Know The State’s Statute Of Limitations: Every state has its own debt statute of limitations. After you reach a specific age of the debt, you are not required to clear off the balance to the collectors. The limit is around 4-6 years.

The debt collection agency might still contact you, but they have no right to sue you. Furthermore, as already discussed, you are not required to pay off the balance anymore.

Is Superlative RM A Scam?

Superlative RM is not a scam. Rather it is a legitimate debt collection company.

Can You Sue Superlative RM For Harassment?

You can sue Superlative RM for harassing you. To recover your money for the violations they cause, federal law provides ways to request monetary damages in court. For instance, FDCPA permits customers to recover $1,000 along with court charges and attorney fees from the collection agencies.

Who does Superlative RM collect for?

Superlative RM collects for various businesses and industries. These include automotive lenders, debt buyers, financial services companies, and healthcare service providers. They state that they specialize in outsourced debt collection and offer repayment solutions to the clients. Besides, they achieve faster and more complete collection results for their clients.


It is a collection agency that is not a scam but a legitimate agency. You might have a negative item marked on your credit report as a Superlative RM collection account. This negative item can damage your credit score. Therefore, removing it with the assistance of a repair company is essential.

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