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Tate & Kirlin Associates – Remove From Your Credit Report

Debt collections may harm your credit score and stay on your record for up to seven years, whether you pay them or not. So paying the debt collector such as Tate & Kirlin Associates may actually harm your credit score. However, you can remove a collection account even before it turns seven years. It is simple to delete with the assistance of someone who is well-versed in the procedure, or you can consult with some pros who can assist you in eliminating your credit score.

Who Is Tate & Kirlin Associates?

Who Is Tate &Amp; Kirlin Associates?
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Tate & Kirlin Associates, Inc. (TKA) is a Langhorne, Pennsylvania-based debt collection law company. It can appear if you owe money to a creditor and they’ve engaged Tate & Kirlin Associates to collect it.

How Can You Remove Tate & Kirlin Associates From My Credit Report?

They may harm your credit score and do not fall off your credit before it turns seven, whether you pay them or not. So paying the collector may actually harm your credit score.

There are professional credit repair firms that assist customers in repairing their credit. In addition to collecting, they may assist you in disputing (and perhaps removing) erroneous information from your credit report. 

What If Tate & Kirlin Associates Is On My Credit Report?

What If Tate &Amp; Kirlin Associates Is On My Credit Report?
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It may be costly if they appear on the report. In addition to increased rates of interest, refused credit, a rental house, insurance, a loan, or a job as a result of these errors.

Someone else’s details on your credit report, erroneous records, stale collection accounts, or even if you are a victim of identity theft are all examples of errors. Disputing the error can help you remove it. Know that if a credit reporting agency fails to follow its Fair Credit Reporting Act responsibilities (FCRA), they have to pay up to 1000$.

Can Tate & Kirlin Associates Sue Me?

It is conceivable, but you will have no worries if you deal with a law company. They will assist you in disputing the collection account and perhaps having it removed from your credit report. The debt collection agency cannot threaten to sue you.

Call legal firms to find out how they may help you avoid litigation and delete negative things from your credit record, which will raise your credit scores dramatically.

Can Tate & Kirlin Associates Garnish My Wages?

Wage garnishment is legal in certain states but not in others. It is crucial to remember that threatening to garnish your income is illegal if you live in a state that does not allow it. They are also prohibited from making any statements that they cannot follow, like suing you or foreclosing on your house.

Contact Information Of Tate & Kirlin Associates

Contact Information Of Tate &Amp; Kirlin Associates
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580 Middletown Blvd Ste 240 Langhorne, PA 19047 Tate & Kirlin Associates, Inc.

Website address: http://tate-kirlin.biz

(800) 355-0333 is the phone number.

Should I Contact Or Pay Tate & Kirlin Associates?

Nothing positive can come from talking on the phone with a debt collecting firm. As a result, it may exacerbate it instead of improving your credit. Of course, there are situations when it is advisable to simply pay the collection account, particularly if it is new and you are confident that it is legitimate.

Working with a professional credit repair firm is the best method to deal with such situation. You can ask for experts as they have the experience of removing and tackling millions of bad things from firms. It includes collectors such as Tate and Kirlin Associates on behalf of millions of people across the country. 

Rights To Know While Dealing:

Rights To Know While Dealing
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In the United States, there are tight rules governing what a debt collector may and cannot do. The FDCPA gives you several rights to guarantee that collection firms do not take advantage of you. Specifically:

  • Tate & Kirlin Associates, Inc. is breaking the law by reporting false or incomplete information on your credit report.
  • You have the legal right to demand debt validation for an alleged debt. Send a debt validation letter to them. They have 30 days under the law to establish that the debt is yours and that the entire amount is correct.
  • Tate & Kirlin Associates should open up about their identity and what they are trying to accomplish. They should inform you that they are collectors, both verbally and in writing.
  • They cannot threaten you with arrest, and they cannot threaten legal action if they do not intend to do it.

Additional Tips On Dealing With Them:

Additional Tips On Dealing With Them
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  • Avoid using the phone. You should not speak with them on the phone. It is good if you choose to provide less information about yourself.
  • Inform them politely that you wish for everything in written format: Ask them to provide you a letter with the actual debt information before hanging up the phone. 
  • Keep track of their phone calls. If you decide to discuss with them over the phone, videotape the conversation. You can surreptitiously record phone calls in 35 states in the United States.
  • Wait for the other party’s approval: When you inform the collectors you’re going to record and continue talking, they have given consent. Usually, they will hang up.

Is Tate & Kirlin Associates a Scam?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Better Business Bureau have received several complaints about collection companies (BBB). The majority of consumer complaints include erroneous reporting, unwanted phone calls, or the inability to verify an apparent debt. If a collector harasses you, it is important to file a complaint.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you have several consumer rights (TCPA). All the Collection forms are very well aware of the obligations imposed upon them by the regulating authority. So there is hardly any chance of any fake companies which exist as there are a lot of approvals one needs to take to conduct its business operations. 


We invite you to file a complaint against Tate & Kirlin Associates here. Sharing your complaints about this organization might help other customers understand what to do if they receive a call from them. In addition, sharing your experience might benefit someone else!

NOW FOR THE DEAL! If they harass you over a debt, you may be entitled to monetary compensation — up to $1,000 for harassment and $500 to $1,500 for unlawful robocalls.

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