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Dynamic Collectors: All That You Need To Know

Dynamic Collectors, Inc are debt collectors who cannot harass you for clearing your debt. It is because you have rights under the law. If you find them violating the law, you will be provided money for damages, and they will pay all your attorney’s fees and costs. In addition, some of the users also get debt relief and a cleaned credit report.

Who Are Dynamic Collectors, Inc?

Who Are Dynamic Collectors, Inc?
Dynamic Collectors: All That You Need To Know 7

Dynamic collectors is a third-party agency situated in Chehalis, Washington that collects debt. It was founded in the year 1989 and has been in service for businesses based in Washington. But this debt collection agency is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As a result, dynamic Collectors might appear on your credit report as a collections account when you forget to pay your credit account bills.  

Dynamic Collectors specialize in the recovery of the different types of accounts. The accounts are as follows:

  • Utilities
  • NSF
  • Government & courts
  • Promissory notes & Judgements
  • Banking
  • Medical & Dental

What If They Are On My Credit Report?

What If Dynamic Collectors Are On My Credit Report?
Dynamic Collectors: All That You Need To Know 8

Dynamic Collectors might appear on your credit report over the debt they are trying to collect. In addition to the collection account, the original creditor might also appear on your report. However, the original creditor will appear in a separate entry. Therefore, finding the entries and updating them when the debt is cleared off on your credit report is crucial.

If you have dynamic collectors on your report, you will need to dispute it to remove it from the report. A simple error can be very costly on your credit report. For instance, you might be denied a credit card or insurance since it reflects how financially responsible you are to take care of your credit.

Besides, other’s inaccurate information, public records, or you being a victim of identity theft are the errors that need to be disputed through the proper way to remove the collection account from your credit report.

Should I Contact Or Pay Dynamic Collectors, Inc.?

When your collection is new and legit, it is ideal to pay off the balance. However, if you can still pay the balance to your original creditor, your debt will settle quickly. But, if you suppose the debt you owe is inaccurate, ask for details on the debt and the amount, and ask for proof of their authority over the debt.

You can handle this situation by contacting a professional credit repair company. They have handled many negative items for many users and helped delete the account from the credit report.

Contact Information Of Dynamic Collectors:

Contact Information Of Dynamic Collectors
Dynamic Collectors: All That You Need To Know 9

Dynamic Collectors, Inc. is located at: 

Chehalis, WA 98532-3420

Telephone Number: 360-748-0420

Their Website: https://dynamiccollectors.com

Dynamic Collectors can use different phone numbers to contact you. Following are the phone numbers you might receive calls from:

  • 360-740-8581
  • 360-748-0421
  • 800-464-3457
  • 360-587-4248
  • 360-748-0420

Can They Sue Me?

They have not sued any consumers till now. Likely, this debt collection agency does not sue the users because dynamic collectors do not always own the debt they are trying to collect. 

Besides, the debt collectors find it difficult to sue consumers as they collect debt throughout the country, and finding a lawyer licensed in every state is difficult.

However, you will find debt collection agencies that sue consumers like Midland Credit Management.

Can They Garnish My Wages?

You will find some states allow to garnish wages while other states do not allow it. Therefore, it is illegal if any debt collector threatens to garnish your wages in a state that is not allowed.

However, Dynamic Collectors must have a judgment if they want to garnish your wages. The debt collection agency cannot get a judgment if they do not sue you. Besides, they have no record of garnishing consumers’ wages.

Rights To Know While Dealing With Dynamic Collectors, Inc:

Rights To Know While Dealing With Dynamic Collectors, Inc
Dynamic Collectors: All That You Need To Know 10

Consumers should know about the rights of a debt collection agency like Dynamic Collectors. Knowing what collection agencies can do and cannot do is important. For instance, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prevents any collection agency from using deceptive methods to collect the debt. Furthermore, they also provide rights to make sure the debt collection agency does not take advantage of the consumers. Listed are the rights:

  • Consumers have the right to ask for validation of their debt on an alleged debt. Consumers can send the agency a debt validation letter. Dynamic Collectors have a month to prove that the debt is your and the amount written is accurate.
  • Dynamic Collectors, Inc. should be honest about their identity and what debt they are trying to collect. Besides, all these must be notified verbally and in writing.
  • It has no authority to get you arrested or take any legal action if they are unwilling to do so. 

Additional Tips On Dealing With Dynamic Collectors, Inc:

Additional Tips On Dealing With Dynamic Collectors, Inc:
Dynamic Collectors: All That You Need To Know 11

Following are the additional tips on dealing with Dynamic Collectors, Inc:

Avoid Their Phone Calls: It is good if you do not talk to them over the phone. Besides, do not let them know more about you since the less they know about you is better for you. Instead, ask them politely to send everything in written form. If they try to call you continuously, you can send a cease and desist letter.

Record Their Phone Calls: If you wish to deal with Dynamic Collectors on the phone, record them. Thirty-five states of the United States allow the consumers to record phone calls secretly, while to record in the other fifteen states, you will require the other party’s permission. Usually, the debt collector agency hangs up the call when they ask permission to record the call.

Never Believe Whatever They Say: Debt collectors generally make false threats and tell the consumers whatever they wish to get the consumers to pay the debt.

Do Not Try To Hide Money: It is illegal to hi9de money or assets from the Dynamic Collectors if you legally owe them. But is it also not good to share your bank account and credit card access.

Prevent From Applying For New Lines Of Credit: If you cannot pay your current creditors, applying for new lines of credit will be a fraud activity.

Do Not Ignore Them: Even if you ignore the situation, you make them disappear. However, if you ignore them continuously, it might bring you a possible lawsuit.

Know Your State’s Statute of Limitations: Every state has a statute of limitations on debt. After the debt reaches a specific limit, it is called “zombie debt.” You do not require to pay it legally. However, the limit differs from state to state, and the age might be around 4-6 years. 

They can still call you for the repayment, but they cannot sue you, and you do not need to pay them off. 

Is Dynamic Collectors, Inc. A Scam?

No. It is a legitimate debt collection agency.


Dynamic Collectors, Inc. is a legitimate debt collection agency that has the authority to collect a debt from the consumers when the debts are sold to them by the original creditor. However, you must be aware of your rights to prevent the debt collectors before they can take advantage of you.

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