Rgl Associates Inc: Things To Know About

RGL Associates Inc: Things To Know About


RGL Associates has been in the collecting industry for a long time. Their concentration is on offering excellent client service while employing our “Positive Collections” strategy with customers. In contrast to the hard-line strategy utilized by many collection agencies, RGL Positive Collections is based on a non-confrontational method focused on collaboration.

Who Is RGL Associates Inc?

Who Is Rgl Associates Inc?
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RGL Associates, Inc. is a revenue cycle management and debt collection organization based in Brunswick, Georgia. They provide services to the following industries:

  • Government Education 
  • Healthcare membership services
  • property administration

RGL may appear as a collections account on the report. It can occur if you fail to pay a bill. 

How Can You Remove RGL Associates Inc From Your Credit Report?

RGL Associates Inc collections can lower your credit score and remain on the record for seven years, even if you pay them. So paying the collector may actually harm your credit score.

However, you can get it removed even before it turns seven years. You can get professional help, such as a credit repair firm, to assist you in removing it from your report. You can also seek aid from legal firms or attorneys specializing in these issues to prevent any problems.

Their Contact Information

Their Contact Information
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3536 Darien Hwy Brunswick, GA 31525 RGL Associates, Inc.

Website address: https://www.rglassociates.com/

(912) 264-1955 is the phone number.

Should You Contact Or Pay RGL Associates Inc?

There might be no positive outcome from talking on the phone with a collection agency like RGL Associates Inc. On the contrary, it may worsen it more than improve your credit. But, of course, there are situations when it is advisable to simply pay the collection account, particularly if it is new and you are confident that it is legitimate.

However, you can decide to work with a professional credit repair firm, and it can be the best method to deal with RGL Associates Inc. So, you can visit firms that have experience in removing bad things from firms, such as RGL Associates, Inc., for millions of clients around the country. They can also assist you.

How Does RGL Associates Inc Affect Your Credit Score?

How Does Rgl Associates Inc Affect Your Credit Score?
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Debt consolidation usually has a negative influence on your credit score. However, the effect can be measured by different factors. These include the situation of your present credit, if your additional debt is in good standing, what part of the debt has already been resolved, the reporting practices of the lender, and various other factors.


  • While debt settlement may be the most effective way to erase outstanding debts, it may negatively influence your credit score.
  • Ironically, higher credit ratings are worse by debt settlement than weaker ones. Even one substantial obligation that ranges from 1-3 years due is the greatest type of debt to settle.

As the RGL associates perform the same functions described above, they can badly affect your credit score. Therefore, we would answer yes, which can negatively affect the score.

Rights To Know When Dealing With Them

Rights To Know When Dealing With Them
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In the United States, there are tight rules governing what a debt collector may and cannot do. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, for example, prohibits the employment of abusive or fraudulent debt collection practices. Furthermore, the FDCPA gives you several rights to guarantee that collection firms do not take advantage of you. Specifically:

  • You have the legal right to demand debt validation for an alleged debt. Send a debt validation letter to the collecting agency. They have 30 days under the law to establish that the debt is yours and that the entire amount is correct.
  • RGL Associates, Inc. should not threaten, swear, harass, call you frequently or publicly post you as a debtor.
  • RGL Associates, Inc. should open up about its identity and what they are trying to accomplish. They should inform you that they are collectors, both verbally and in writing. 
  • RGL Associates, Inc. cannot threaten you with arrest, and they cannot threaten legal action if they do not intend to do it.

Additional Tips To Deal With RGL Associates Inc:

Additional Tips To Deal With Rgl Associates Inc:
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  • Prevent yourself from talking over the phone: You should not speak with them on the phone. It is good if you choose to provide less information about yourself.
  • Inform them politely that you wish for everything in written format:  Request a letter containing the original debt details and hang up the phone. 
  • Keep track of their phone calls. If you decide to discuss with them over the phone, record the conversation. You can surreptitiously record phone calls in 35 states in the United States.
  • You can record in the remaining 15 states with the opposite party’s consent. After informing them that you are going to record and they do not say a thing, it means you are permitted. Otherwise, they might also hang up.
  • Don’t trust anything they tell you. Debt collectors are notorious for making bogus threats, lying, and making up anything that makes the consumers clear their debts.
  • Do not conceal money. However, hiding money is banned; even if you owe a genuine debt collector, keeping your bank account and credit card details private is also good.
  • Do not apply for new credit lines. You should not apply for additional credit until you pay off the unpaid bills to the present lender.

Is RGL Associates Inc A Scam?

No, RGL Associates Inc is not a scam. However, the majority of consumer complaints include erroneous reporting, harassment, or a failure to verify a debt. If a collector harasses you, it is important to file a complaint. 

The Company is not a scam and is very well aware of these protocols which they need to follow, so it’s just another Company. 

H2: Conclusion

In the United States, there are tight rules governing what a debt collector may and cannot do. Furthermore, the FDCPA gives you several rights to guarantee that collection firms do not take advantage of you. Specifically for the debt collection firms as they are under the strict surveillance of the government authority, so they cannot violate your rights, especially the rights mentioned above, if you did not commit any kind of fraud. 

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