Merit Platinum Card Review

Merit Platinum Card Review


If your bad credit has prohibited you from obtaining a typical credit card, you have several choices to assist you in restoring your credit. Meet the Merit Platinum Card, a basic card offer targeted at clients looking to develop or restore their credit score. It is a card made just for the Horizon Outlet online business. This card’s concept is to give a $750 accessible credit limit without requiring a credit check. 

Does it sound too fantastic to be true? To check out we went into the qualities and advantages of this card to find out. This credit card is excellent for folks with a weak or no credit history. Also for people who are seeking unsecured cards without a credit check.

What Is A Merit Platinum Card?

What Is A Merit Platinum Card?
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The Merit Platinum Credit Card is a shop card that users can only use at the Horizon Outlet Online Store. It is where customers can buy a variety of things such as toys, apparel, presents, and more.

The Merit Platinum card has a $750 credit limit and can help you restore or create credit by providing monitoring services and other benefits. Besides, they would check your credit as well as your income. 

If you need to make purchases from Horizon Outlet while simultaneously seeking a means to improve, develop, or establish credit, the Merit Platinum Card is a choice. Credit monitoring is one of the benefits of this card. It may also help you figure out what is affecting your credit score and how to improve it.

Merit Platinum Card Overview

Merit Platinum Card comes with benefits such as credit monitoring and roadside or legal aid. It is also necessary to have an active credit card, debit card, or bank account in the United States (checking or savings account). The $750 spending limit of the Merit Platinum Card is astounding, considering that similar cards with similar objectives start far lower.

The Merit Platinum Card also provides new users with a free trial period of seven days. After that, the users can purchase at the Horizon Outlet within these seven days. Then, if they are unsatisfied with their experience using the card for any reason, they can cancel the Merit Platinum Card and only pay for the amount initially spent.

Merit Platinum Card Fees

While this card offers no annual fee and an APR of 0%, users must pay various hefty costs in various other ways. For example, the Merit Platinum card takes a monthly fee of $24.95. Besides, you will also have a $6 monthly maintenance cost. But you can choose to waive off by signing up for the membership plan. 

Merit Platinum Credit Card: Membership Programs And Benefits

Merit Platinum Credit Card: Membership Programs And Benefits
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Following are the card’s membership programs and its benefits:

  • Free Roadside Assistance – Members are entitled to one service call or towing request every 30 days, for a total of three calls each year. It is useful if you have a fairly reliable automobile but require a tow due to a dead battery or a flat tire.
  • Universal RX Benefits – Members of the Merit Platinum Card can receive up to 40% on prescription medicine discounts.
  • Legal Assistance-  Members are entitled to a free 30-minute consultation with a legal practitioner in their region, as long as it does not include criminal defense. It encompasses concerns such as divorce, custody, wills, and many more.

Pros And Cons Of The Merit Platinum Credit Card

Pros And Cons Of The Merit Platinum Credit Card
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Listed are the advantages and disadvantages of The Merit Platinum Credit Card:


  • According to the company, Horizon card services disclose payment activity to at least one major credit agency. Other credit cards geared to those with weak credit are reported to all three credit agencies.
  • Simple to obtain — Horizon neither pulls your credit nor asks for a credit score. It makes it easier to obtain a card.
  • Member Advantages – You may get free roadside assistance, medication coverage, legal support, and privacy protection if you join the membership plan and pay $24.95 each month.
  • However, the benefits have several restrictions, and you may most likely get comparable advantages from other providers at a lower cost.


  • You can only use this card to purchase online at the Horizon Outlet shop.
  • High costs — The issuer will be immediately enrol in its $24.95 monthly membership plan when you register for a Horizon card. It amounts to approximately $300 per year, which is higher than the cost of a more flexible secured credit card.
  • The credit limit is too low – The highest allowable credit limit on the Merit Platinum card is $500. Some credit users reviewed that they have obtained a credit limit increase. However, it is still unclear how long it takes to qualify for a credit limit increase. 

Alternative To The Merit Platinum Credit Card:

Alternative To The Merit Platinum Credit Card:
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If you have poor credit, you may believe you have limited alternatives for obtaining a credit card. However, various credit cards may assist even individuals with poor credit to improve their credit score. Listed are the cards that can help you improve your credit score:

OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card

The yearly fee for openSky secured visa credit card is $35, but the APR is 18.95 percent, which is fairly low for both secured and unsecured credit cards. And the needed security deposit is $200.

Since they do not pull your credit when you apply for it, the card is open to almost everyone. Furthermore, it also sends information to all major credit bureaus.

Capital One Secured Mastercard

It is a secured card, but you may choose a direct deposit option that meets your budget. For example, you may put down $49, $99, or $200 as a down payment.

Furthermore, you do now need to pay a yearly charge for the Mastercard. While the APR of 26.99 percent is high, you may avoid paying interest if you pay your debt in full each month.

Citi Secured Mastercard

The Citi Secured Mastercard needs a minimum security deposit of $200, but you may put down as much as $2,500 if you desire a greater credit limit. It provides credit cards with a lower rate of interest than other credit cards, including unsecured cards, with an APR of 22.49 percent. In addition, there is no yearly charge with this card.


Faqs Related To Merit Platinum Card
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Where Can I Use A Merit Platinum Card?

Merit Platinum is regarded as a “buy now, pay later online shop” card. Therefore your APR is 0%; even if you do not pay in full for your purchases right away, you will not incur interest costs. However, as previously stated, you will be required to make a minimum payment equal to the greater of 10% of the purchase price or $25. Therefore, if you buy something for $25 or less, you should pay the listed amount. In addition, this card is only valid at Horizon’s online store. Because this is not a conventional Visa or Mastercard, you cannot use it anywhere else.

Is Horizon Card Services Legit?

The Horizon Card services are designed for people with bad credit or those looking to improve their credit following a bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the Horizon Gold Card is the least secure available. We can’t say it’s a scam, but we do say it takes advantage of those who have bad credit.

What Credit Score Do You Need To Qualify For A Merit Platinum Card?

This card is only redeemable at Horizon’s website, You cannot use this card anywhere else since it is not a standard Visa or Mastercard.


The Merit Platinum Credit card may be the perfect card for you if you are searching for a simple retail card to help you develop or recover your terrible credit. With the opportunity to purchase a wide range of things at Horizon Outlet, this card provides users with access to an extensive range of items that may be useful. In addition, the Merit Platinum Card offers a $750 credit limit, which is a good starting point for anyone, mainly because you do not require to verify your credit or job for authorization. This merit platinum credit card review will tell you why this card is best for you. 

Furthermore, this card has no interest or annual fees, and the monthly membership cost includes a slew of benefits. So if standard credit card providers have refused you, this pay-as-you-go credit card is a good alternative.

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